3 firetrucks

Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection in the Township is primarily provided by the North Fayette Township Volunteer Fire Department (NFTVFD) Station 209. 

Diverse Community

The North Fayette Township Volunteer Fire Department is one of the busier departments in the western suburbs. With a Township as diverse as North Fayette, the Department responds to calls in all types of different situations and locations from busy shopping and commercial centers to residential housing plans and farms.

The Department has a very active Fire Prevention program.  During the Fall of each year, members visit the preschool and daycare centers located in the Township to spread the word about being fire-safe each and every day.

Community Participation

The Department is always looking for community members who want to help and dedicate some time and effort back to the community in which they live. The need is not just for firefighters, those who have the desire to help out and have knowledge in accounting and finance, Information Technology, and just about any other field can be an asset to the department. Please contact us to learn more about our services and how you can help.

Regional Assistance

The Department is very fortunate to have great assistance from mutual aid fire departments located in surrounding municipalities. In the southern end of the Township, along the Noblestown road corridor, the Department receives assistance from the Oakdale, Sturgeon, and McDonald Volunteer Fire Departments. In the Northern portion of the Township, the Department receives assistance from the Imperial and Moon Run Volunteer Fire Departments.


For more information, please contact the Fire Department at 724-693-3081, or visit the Department website.