Pothole Maintenance & Reporting

The Public Works Department’s Road Division is responsible for repairing potholes on Township owned roadways. The Road Division has a proactive approach to finding and resolving potholes.

Reporting a Pothole

Township Owned Roadway

The Township of North Fayette is responsible for over 70 miles of roadways. Township owned roadways include majority of roadways throughout the Township besides those listed below. If you are in your neighborhood, you are most likely on a Township owned road.

To report a pothole on a Township owned road, please submit a service request online.  Service requests are responded to during normal business hours.  If conditions are unsafe and require immediate attention, please call 911.

Pennsylvania State-owned Roadways

PennDOT District 11 is responsible for maintaining state-owned roadways. To report a pothole on a state-owned road call 1-800-349-7623 at any time or submit feedback online via the PennDOT website.

State Owned Roadways:

  • Bateman Road
  • McKee Road
  • Noblestown Road (Oakdale Borough to Collier)
  • North Road
  • North Branch Road
  • Oakdale Road
  • Seabright Road
  • Steubenville Pike (Route 30 to Tonidale)
  • US/State Route 22
  • US/State Route 30
  • Whittengale Road

Allegheny County Owned Roadways:

Allegheny County Department of Public Works is responsible for maintaining County-owned roadways. To report a pothole on a County-owned road call 1-800-581-9145 between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on weekdays or submit feedback online via the Allegheny County website.

County Owned Roadways:

  • Cliff Mine Road
  • Cliff Mine/Enlow Road
  • Ridge Road (Bayer)